Artists & Animators

The Tap Lab is a mobile gaming company based in Cambridge, MA. Our company mission is to bring daydreams to life through games that spark the imagination and seamlessly integrate with today’s fast-paced mobile lifestyle.

An ideal candidate for us would be someone who loves playing games, and beyond that, fully experiences and enjoys the design that went into them. When you play games (whether it's Angry Birds, Farmville, or StarCraft), you think about how the design decisions and architecture behind the scenes influence the player's happiness and satisfaction with their experience.

You'll be a part of a small but mighty team and be heavily involved in all parts of the business. We're looking to build the future of mobile gaming!

Roles & Responsibilities

You will help with concepting and creating our game worlds. You'll be responsible for making creating assets, animating assets, and working with the dev team to bring them to life.

  • Assets - Creating characters, environments, and more.
  • UI/UX - Creating and optimizing screen layouts, containers, buttons, icons, etc.
  • Animation - Making the stuff you create jump, run, and sparkle.
  • Concepting - Sketching and prototyping multiple ideas and variations.

Skills & Requirements

  • Experience working with a team to create art and UI for mobile games.
  • Experience working in Unity, Photoshop, Spine, etc.
  • Show us that you pick up new things quickly. Being on the cutting edge of mobile gaming requires that we not only stay on top of the latest systems and mechanics, but are also consistently innovating.
  • You should have a ton of mobile games on your phone, be playing the games featured by the platforms each week, and understand why the top grossing games are succeeding.


Compensation will be competitive and based on your experience. Now by experience, we mean quality, not quantity – 6 months of building a great mobile game is more important to us than 6 years building mobile apps.

GLHF - Good Luck & Have Fun

We all do our best work when everyone's having fun, so above all else, we want to make sure that we're a fit for each other. After that, everyone on the team eventually does a little bit of everything, so there's always room to grow.


Just shoot us an email.

Principals only. No recruiters.

We're Hiring!

We're a couple of guys working to melt faces off in the gaming industry. Check out these jobs to join our team!

If you're an awesome dude(tte) and love games but don't quite fit our openings, shoot us an email anyway at jobs [at] thetaplab [dot] com.

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